Thursday, 27 April 2017

Day 28: Taste

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Today's prompt is to write a poem exploring the taste of something. Immediately I thought -  coffee. 

So it has to be maybe the most memorable coffee I ever had - as part of a breakfast, in Venice. Maybe my most vivid memory of the whole trip! It was Belissimo!

Breakfast in Venice

The coffee pours 
like tar:
thick black night
as antidote
to morning.  
Tastes like treacle,
chimney smoke
and bitter embers.
Woody sweet, rich
as a Vivaldi suite.
Possibility fuel,
laced with intent.

Then the cornetti
or croissants  -
with apricot jam
globed at their centres
make their entrance. 
What a surprise! 
No mere marmalade 
but la dolce vita 
the Italian sun
ripening our tongues. 
Breakfast, belissimo!
a Byzantine bravo.
The day to come, 
we're certain -
a feast.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Day 26: Space II

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Inspired by yesterday's prompt... This time on pupils, space (as in the cosmos), and spaces between. Hmmm.


In the space 
between you and me:
infinite matter.

A small circle of black
and the whole world

Infinite worlds 
from the pupils
of your eyes

which speak
in declarative tones:
this is love,
that's the end of that.

Full stops enlarged.
No space for speculation. 

Density of emotion
Black holes 
to lose time in.

Your face fills mine,
and my face yours;
of love 
come full circle.

The space between us
no longer interstellar 


Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Day 25: Space

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Today's prompt was to write about a small space of some kind.... Chose my current small but cosy room which is always a soothing space to be:


In this 4 x 4 of warm pink light,
heart's haven.
An atrium of readied beauty
honed to skill.
'The soul selects her own society...'
and this is mine: a bloom of a room,
petals enclosing love's quiet din.
Here, where I incubate dreams,
keep everything that is me
with heed collected, reminders to be.
Lullaby's lounge, where night 
remedies day.
Hyper-home for spirit.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Day 24: Ekphrasis Marginalia

Dancing Manicule.From a late 13th-century English manuscript. 

Today's (very strange) prompt was to write an ekphrasis poem (a poem inspired by an artwork) on the very specific art of medieval marginalia (notes on manuscript margins). Found this one above of a 'manicule', or little hand, a common motif apparently in these marginalia. 

Inner Critic

Let me alert you to a minor error, 
point out with rude extended finger
a maniacal blurt and blooper
run amok on unforgiving paper.

I am the beast that lurks inside,
serpent of the subconscious kind,
sharp, slick, doubter from the deep
manacled to any clever clout belief.

A scribble of self-loathing - 'man, I kill!" -
I just want to give you a little thrill
in the right direction. Accept
or I'll claw it all back to inept

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Day 23: Double Elevenie

100 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes of All Time! (23)

Today's prompt is to write a double elevenie, which goes as follows:

The first line is one word, a noun. 
The second line is two words that explain what the noun in the first line does, 
the third line explains where the noun is in three words, 
the fourth line provides further explanation in four words, 
the fifth line concludes with one word that sums up the feeling or result of the first line’s noun being what it is and where it is.

Well, this seems simple but was so HARD! My final results of about 10+ efforts are below. Inspired by the picture above that caught my eye today on Pinterest. (And don't you just love ampersands...?!)

Points of Note

knots together
at heart centre
a perfect pair forever;

skips ahead
to another conclusion
eschewing truth for space -

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Day 22: Earth Day

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I can't do a 'georgic' today as it just sounds too damn boring, but I will try a poem for Earth Day.

I've always been fascinated by the myth of Atlas and how he holds up the world... This poem is dedicated to all those 'Atlas' people out there - doing their best to preserve this world of ours from all kinds of harm.

Atlas, A Dedication

Might is resilience learned
and re-learned by heart. 
Power a gift, a curse, a coup 
of fate, hard-dealt, long-felt.
But Atlas accepts his burden, 
breaks hook and crook
into honour, no questions asked -
himself the only answer. 
Grace, bent back and bowed head,
ego replaced by humility, 
tirelessly, selflessly.
Such is strength, the ability to bear
the weight of a world (yours or 
someone else's).
Such is love, to hold it all, regardless,
in eternal struggle,

Friday, 21 April 2017

Day 21: Overheard Speech

Related image

Oh, struggled with this one... This is kind of inspired from today's prompt but also from another NaPo prompt I saw to write a poem about forgetting...


What I overheard from your eyes
was for mine only. 

Words cannot translate or carry
the weight and worth
of what was left unsaid
for many years
accumulated there now. 

Layers of fossilised memories
I don't dare decipher
or I would forget

how to not remember.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Day 20: Sports

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Today's prompt is to write a poem that incorporates a sports of your choice... Meh, I I can see the potential for metaphors, but this is all I could manage today:

Game of Life

No home runs in my field of dreams,
no 40 loves to measure by,
no surprise birdies or holes-in-one,
slamdunks or hat-tricks,
full strikes or finish lines.

Yes, I've always been
bad at sports.  At best, a sideline spectator
cheering someone else on.
No sweat and glory victory, no losing 
or rush and flush of taking part.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Day 19: Creation Myth

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Today's prompt is to write your own creation myth...

(This poem was written with the help of this song ~ Moon :)

Moon Story (Or A Story of Gravity)

Long ago when the earth -
from some cataclysmic collision -
cast aside its heart,
there was born the moon.

Far-flung, the heart hardened
to rock, barren birthplace of pain.
And kept its tethered distance.

For years, it orbited its planet home
content in cratered hurt,
the shock of separation
borne aloft, alone.
Tide-puller, tear-keeper,

melancholy muse-maker.
Satellite ghost of loss.

Yet amidst its scarred terrain -
the Ocean of Storms, the Sea of Rain -
there was named:
Sea of tranquility
Sea of fecundity
Sea of nectar.
Love, can never just die away. 

Now the moon's luminous face
gazes at the earth 
in wounded wonder, knowing 
it can never find its way back
Still, it honours the gravity 
between them, spinning on an axis 
of unending light.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Day 18: Neologisms

Image may contain: 1 person, suit and text

Today's prompt is to write a poem with neologisms - that is, new created words. 

Wasn't feeling any subject matter today until I came across this picture above... a man of many (bigly) neologisms himself! Ended up with a few puns too... who wouldn't.


When the President of the USA
met the Easter Bunny
the yolk was on him (ha)

but eggs did roll.
The world, shell-shocked,
from the dumbocracy of Il Dunce 

takes aim where it can.
When politics have become
all bumble and trumpbole, 

we wonder what will be
the fate of the free
with an comandeer-in-chief

of quiffical intent:
a peroxide blonde  
in control of the bombs.

The country cringes
as the bigly bigot
and his confederacy of dunces

lead the way down the rabbit hole  

to Blunderland.
Between the walling and the wailing,

the conning and the trumpetweeting
the thick-witted speech
and bomblastic trigger-treats,

the precedental urge
on us all -
is to weep.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Day 17: Nocturne

Image result for moon as a guitar

Today's prompt is to write a nocturne - a poem about the night. 

I already have written a nocturne here back on Day 9... so today is just a snippet, a book spine poem I did recently:



Rooftop soliloquy 
to the moon:
miss you. 

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Day 16: Letter Writing

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Today's prompt was to be inspired by the art of letter-writing....

Love Letter

Dear You:
I never got to tell you any of those things
I always wanted to, so here I'll begin. 
Verbally, I'm the smitten kind, but in inked lines you'll find 
every sentiment of my heart in black and white rhyme, no hiding behind 
coquettish smiles or downcast eyes, for here is love transcribed
in unrestrained flair: every elaborate loop of letter
my extravagant heart when you are near;
truth spilled like a charm in words so true
they make of the page a relic; feelings
as fervent as prayers, faithfully confessed;
phrases sweet with a lover's perfume: all yours, my love, darling;
my heart is ravaged, how I long, how I wish, how I will.
Words like forever and cherish, soon and always -
and when we are together, I remember, I'll never forget,
beloved, betrothed...
But then:
I regret to inform you.
Please return to sender.
Yours sincerely...

etc, etc.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Day 15: In the Middle

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Today's prompt was to write a poem about 'the middle'...

(For some reason when I think of 'middle age' an image of the vast canyons of the American west come into my head, hmmm....)

The Middle

Almost at middle aged
and the way is no easy plateau,
no slip and slide into glide -
despite such beliefs.  

Betwixt and between
past and future,
green light and red 
of go; stop; amber

is not the best place
to be, literally.
Neither here nor there, 
limbo land canyon

of what might have beens
and what might yet be. 
A face-off of Western
degrees. Horizon line 

obscured by fretful gaze
and past monuments
of inconsequential glory.  
Here in this barren valley 

I weigh most
on the centrifugal force
of dream: still time left
to seize the day.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Day 14: Good Friday

Image result for gethsemane

I am not an overly religious person, but the story of Jesus' Passion is quite a compelling one, and I love how artists and writers have interpreted it with more insight and power than the church does. 


This is the place 
where fear becomes too big for prayer.
This is the place 
where uncertainty must be faced alone, 
as friends sleep and the sword of betrayal 
draws near. 
This is the place
where faith falters and darkness rushes in
This is the place
where tears planted long before
begin to bloom and roses weep.

But this is the way it must be.